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Anodising Service

Hard anodising is a high-tech, engineering finish. It is used invarious industries on components which are subject to heat and abrasion.

It also finds application on components which require a hard wearing resistant surface such as pistons, cylinders, hydraulic gear.

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Anodising Service

The most common form of anodising is sulphuric acid anodising. An anodic film thickness of up to 30microns can be produced.

The oxide film produced provides the surface of the aluminium with an extremely hard, durable, corrosion resistant and long lasting finish.

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Anadol & Anodising Service

AFC Anodising are able to offer a wide range of colour anodising. Anodising colour is affected by a number of different variables.

It is affected by alloy type and temper, load time, etch time, tank temperature and coating thickness. We are able to control many of these variables our process.

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