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Terms & Conditions of sale

Delivery Note - Advice Note - Invoice

The delivery note and, where applicable, the release not shall show the order number, item, part number and the quantity dispatched. An invoice shall accompany the items.


Where delivery is by carrier, the carriage shall be paid by the purchaser, and the vendor carries no responsibility for the goods whilst in transit to or from the purchaser.


Samples of item shall be submitted by the vendor for approval by the purchaser before bulk deliveries are delivered. samples may be marked by the vendor for identification purposes and if approved, may be retained by the vendor for quality guidline purposes.


Where such goods are considered scrap the vendor shall be liable for a maximum of three times the value of that charged by the vendor as way of compensation to the purchaser.

Terms of Payment

30 days from invoice date.

Process of Customers Order

In the event of the company being delayed in or prevented from performing it's obligations owing to any cause whatsoever beyond the company control including but without limitation, act of god, war, strike, lockout, difficulty obtaining workmen or materials, breakdown of equipment, or any other cause, the company will not be liable for any loss, damage or expenses incurred.

The company shall be at liberty to cancel or suspend the contract without incurring any liability arising therefrom and the customer shall not be entitled to terminate the contract.


If you wish to discuss any T&C in more detail, please give us a call on +44 (0) 2392 008518 and we will be happy to answer and questions, queries or concerns.