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AFC Anodising & Finishing

"AFC Anodising & Finishing is at the forefront of applying specialist coatings including Hard, Natural, Colour Anodising to a variety of materials using the most proven and reliable methods that will add strength, corrosion resistance and beauty to your parts."

Our finishing facility covers over 10,000 sq ft with metal plants and a highly trained workforce who has considerable knowledge and experience in the metal finishing industry. Today we are the only company in the UK who has the capabilities to anodise large amounts of aluminium work from 3mm up to lengths of 12000mm.

The Beginning

Starting out as Lime Products Ltd. in 1966 Mr Lenny Oxley developed a small company only specialising in Hand Polishing serving the mainly the marine industry; polishing brass. Work polished varied between teapots to marine equipment.

Anodising Introduced

In 1972 Anodising was introduced which lead to the company growing in size because of the demand from marine, aerospace and commercial industries. Due to the expert knowledge of the staff, Hard Anodising was quickly implemented and the company became the first Hard Anodiser on the South Coast.


Nowadays AFC Anodising & Finishing gives services to some of the worlds most well-known companies in the Marine, Aerospace and Commercial sectors such as Lewmar Marine, Stanstard Aerospace and Aalco; finishing Yacht Masts, Satellite Parts and Bus shelters.

AFC Anodising & Finishing

news and events

  • 28
    sep 15

    AFC Anodising & Finishing introduces Chromic Anodising - Chromic Acid Anodising process gives relatively soft, thin coatings, normally of two to five microns thickness. These are used mainly for electrical insulation and general protection against corrosion under mild conditions.

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  • 01
    jan 16

    AFC Anodsing & Finishing employs a new Technical Sales Manager with years of experince to ensure all customers recieve the most accurate advice and infromation whilst guarenteeing the best possible prices.

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  • 01
    nov 16

    New high capacity line installed to ensure our customers get the turn around they require.