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AFC Anodising & Finishing is able to offer a chemical brightening finish. It is normally used as a pre-treatment (to anodising) to achieve a bright reflective finish on parts that are to be used in a highly decorative application – subsequent anodising preserves and protects the bright finish.


To obtain the very best finish, parts should be mechanically polished first to remove any scratches or other surface blemishes.

Work is processed by degreasing, etching (depending on tolerances) and brightening it in a tank at 85 degrees until a reflective finish is achieved. Anodising is then applied to give corrosive resistance to the part. Anywhere between 5-15 microns is given to the part depending on the requirements of the customer (depending on how reflective it must be or how corrosive resistant it must be).


It is also possible to add faint colours to the anodic film prior to sealing. Please note that the reflectivity of the work may be effected at 15 microns is desireable for adding colour.


Points to note:


As a result of their chemical make-up not all aluminium alloys are ideally suited to chemical brightening. If you require any advice on this subject, feel free to discuss your needs with us. AFC Anodising recommends customers use HE9 or 6063 in a pure form for bright anodising to receive best results.



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