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Anodising for architectural applications requires a very consistent finish over large surface areas with lifetime durability. This requires metal of the highest quality with guaranteed gloss ranges to ensure a consistent finish.



The thickness of the coating is typically between 15 to 25 microns, however this can be thicker if specified. Anodising can be applied to a wide range of material finishes including brushed, hammered, stucco, tread plate, expanded mesh and perforated sheets. With a wide range of colours available including natural, champagne, gold, bronze, black, blue-grey, Sandalor colours and custom effects using differentiated anodising layers.

Anodised treatment gives a durable finish. For the best long-term performance anodised finish should be cleaned at maximum 6 month intervals. For harsh industrial enviroments, cleaning should be carried out every 3 months.


Of Anodising

  • Authentic metallic lustre and feel
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • No possibility of fading



  • BS EN ISO 7599:2010
  • Genral Film Thickness: 15-25 microns