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Processes and


Natural Anodising

The most common form of anodising is sulphuric acid anodising.

Hard Anodising

Hard anodising is a high-tech, extreme engineering finish.

Colour Anodising

The process takes place immediately after anodising.

Decorative Anodising

Used as a pre-treatment to achieve a bright reflective finish.

Architectural Anodising

A specialised area for components used for architectural applications.

Chromic Anodising

Applications include aerospace, defence and marine environments.

Powder Coating

Is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder.

Long Lengths

We are able to anodise lengths from 1mm - 12000mm; the UK's biggest.

Hand Polishing

Options include Stainless, Mirror, Satin ans Brush Finish polishing.

Chromate Conversion

Usually a pre-treatment process prior to power coating.

Bead Blasting

Usually a pre-treatment process prior to anodising or powder coating.